Casa Lamberdina  is situated in the valley of ElCimbre, in the  south east of Spain between Lorca and Puerta Lumbreras (see Google maps).
Neighbouring airports are Alicante, Murcia and Almeria. We recommend to rent a car, look for car rental on


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Velez Rubio


A 20 minutes' drive will take you to the picturesque village Velez Rubio, where you can find tapas restaurants, monuments and the Iglesia Nuestra Senora de la Encarnacion. There is a colourful market every Saturday.

Furthermore the prehistoric cave drawings (Cuevas de Letreros) are well worth visiting. The trip to the place is fun and it is all under the protection of Unesco

Velez Blanco



Totana is especially on Wednesdays  with the weekly market  a bustling town. It is well known for its potteries and you will see a lot of vendors along the road. There is also a tapas route, more information can be obtained at the local tourist office.                        


A 45 minutes drive to the beaches of Aguilas, Mojácar, the Bay of Mazarron and Bolnuevo.
Here is something for everyone to experience.



Aguilas has a coastal area of 35 km and has the most southern location on the Costa Cálida. East of Aguilas is an interesting coastal area, where the Puntas Calnegre is located. Together with Cabo Cope is Puntas de Calnegre a regional park with clean sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, where enthusiasts enjoy the diving sport.

The bay of Mazarrón and Bolnuevo



Mojácar is one of the most touristic places along the Costa Almería. The village with its white Moorish houses is already visible from afar, lying on top of a hill  and overwhelming overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. On Sunday morning, here is a flea market and on Wednesday is all the way on top of the mountain the weekly market .

Sierra Espuña Natural park

rubioIn this national park, you will find yourself in a beautiful mountain landscape with many forests reservoirs. Here  even live herds of mouflons in the wild and sometimes you will see wild boars crossing. You can go here for beautiful hiking trails, but can also use a kayak on the lake or with a quad or mountain bike through the mountains enjoy all the natural beauty. Visiting this beautiful natural park is well combined with a visit to Totana and Aledo.

Sierra de Maria Los Velez

Sierra Nevada


Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in Andalusia, what snowy mountain range means in Spanish. With sixteen peaks above 3000 metres it is after the Alps the highest mountain range in Western Europe. The highest mountain of the Spanish mainland, the Mulhacén (3482 m), is located in these mountains. The national park with its variety of landscapes has all the characteristics of the climate of the high mountains. By climate fluctuations and height differences you find there is a huge diversity of plants and animals. In winter the Sierra Nevada also offers many opportunities to skiing with 83 kilometres of ski slopes.



rubio Lorca is a town where time has stood still.The town is well known for its baroque architecture and is dominated by its imposing castle consisting of parts of a fortress from the Roman era. Add to this a number of museums and churches and you will realize it is all well worth visiting. An impressive procession is held in the so-called holy week drawing lots of people.



rubio If you are interested in culture, history and gastronomy Granada is the place to be at approximately a two hours' drive from Casa Lamberdina. Especially recommended is the Al Hambra, a vast palatial area with splendid gardens dating back to the times of the Moors. Reservations will have to be made beforehand for about € 14 per person. (


Caravaca de la Cruz